Gjilan Mall

Gjilan Mall is the essence of shopping, leisure and entertainment in and outdoor complex that encompasses the expression of Italianness in its architecture and at the same time internalization in its tenant mix without forgetting the Albanian traditions, placing itself close and strategic part of the territory.


New Generation Retail Park

Open air pedestrian mall with new concept of Shopping, Leisure, Entertainment & Food.

111+ Shopping Units

111+ Shopping Units

With more than 111 shopping units, Gjilan mall offers you plenty of opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

Food Court

Food Court

A one of a kind Food Court will be present with more than 950 seating places to make your stay at Gjilan Mall more enjoyable.



A modern cinema that will host over 800 visitors will be there in Gjilan Mall to give you the best experience of leisure & entertainment.


Designed for You!

Shopping malls, retail parks and all similar facilities are no longer just places of purchase, but of aggregation and socialization of people where common areas and services are increasingly important. Gjilan Mall has been equipped with an important food, leisure and entertainment offer to satisfy the most varied and demanding customer targets.


From shopping venues to lifestyle destinations with Food, Leisure and Entertainment at the heart of everything to satisfy more and more visitors. Gjilan Mall will focus on customer loyalty, which will be offered large public spaces and services with a modern and avant-garde concept that will see a percentage less retail, more food and leisure that are aimed at education and that will increase in a way pleasant average customer stay times within the structure.


The consumer approach of Gjilan Mall with shopping in the supermarket is completely different from that in the Balkans. Based on the development and change of the market there is a “City Hyper” format based on European standards which in just over 3,000 m², offers everything that the consumer needs in the food and household goods sector, making sure that he does not waste time and can dedicate it to other shopping, in a dynamic and pleasant way.


Excellent Connectivity

Gjilan Mall has excellent connectivity thanks to its good road network that allows you to reach commercial places comfortably both on foot and by car.


Be a part of the Family!

Join Gjilan Mall and expand your brand/business with the upcoming largest & brightest shopping mall in Kosovo.



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Leasing & Management by OCM International

OCM International is the first company in the Balkan specialized in the research, development, design, leasing and management of shopping centers, retail parks, outlet villages, themed shopping centers, leisure and entertainment centers, multi-purpose complexes and office buildings.